Monday, March 03, 2008

A little sewing

Ahhh...I was able to fit in a little sewing this weekend. A spring skirt for me. My favorite part is the waistband lining in a cute Kaufman print. The pattern is Burda 7906. I think it runs a tad big in the waist but other than that it's a great pattern.
I also made up a set for Baby. I tried out the new Antonia pattern. Super cute and easy to do as long as you don't mind German instructions. I also embroidered some cute German designs on her shirt and pants. The pants are just a simple wide legged self drafted pattern with knit cuffs. I like the knit cuffs because it makes it easy to stuff in winter boots.

I have been trying to get Jedi to stop doing this Jack Nicholson The Shining face. It gives me the creeps everytime! He won't believe it's not a flattering look for him.


kboyer3 said...

Glad to hear you could relax a bit. Love the shade of green, and of course Baby's outfit! Jedi does look quite Nicolsonesque....maybe you have a future famous actor on your hands!

:) Krista

Julie said...

What nice finished projects. Send me some of your motivation please, lol. Love Jedi's Nicholson impression. Does he do the voice too? You could hire him out.

Bumble Bee Designs said...

Hi Missy,

It's been so long since I said hi! I can't believe how big your kids are getting! :)
Hope you are all well!

corie said...

I really like that skirt, sewing for ones self, what a nice thing! Your Antonia made up FABULOUSLY! I'm glad you found it not too difficult even without English instructions ;-)