Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Hero

Ken gave us all a kiss and nervously stepped up to the security counter at our little local airport. He was on his way to get his mother to stay with us for 5 weeks. He isn't a "bad" flyer, he just gets a bit anxious. He can't board for another 20 minutes so the kids and I try to wave at him one more time through the security glass but he doesn't see us.

This next part is what Ken calls and tells me after he lands.

Ken boarded the plane and took his seat towards the rear. He got settled in and started to feel a little better about the flight. The attendents went through their preparations, did the exit speech, etc, etc...All of a sudden 3 men came rushing down the aisle.

One of them pointed and yelled at Ken, "YOU!"

Of course all heads turned to look at my 6'1" 260 lb husband.

"You need to come with us."

Ken gathered his things and followed the men.

"You were throwing off the balance of the plane, we need you to sit next to the wing." said the guy in a not so private voice.

I'm sure all the passengers let out a big sigh of relief that it wasn't a hijacker...just a fat guy! Okay, he's not really fat, just big. He was pretty embarrassed though. Trying to be a glass half full kind of gal I said, "Look at it this way, you saved every life on board. You're a hero!" I don't think he bought it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


most people have them but some don't! I can usually let bad manners by strangers in public roll off my back but last night I came this (imagine me holding up my fingers a centimetre apart) close to letting some lady have a piece of my mind. The kids and I were having dinner with Ken at the airport before his flight took off (oooh, I have a funny story about that to post tomorrow.) The restaurant isn't a fancy deal, they serve a lot of pizza and such. The hostess brought a middle aged couple to sit at a table 3 feet from us. The woman looked at our table made the universal sound of disgust, you know - the phlegmy back of the throat one, and said, "I am not sitting next to THOSE children!"

Now, why couldn't she say, "We'd prefer a table by the window" or "We'd like something away from the door"?

I'm also proud to say my children are really well behaved in public. We've worked very hard to ensure a pleasant dining experience. There isn't loud talking, walking about, messes, crying or complaining. They say please, thank you and yes Ma'am. They use their manners. Miss Crabbypants should have taken notes.

Thanks for "listening" to my gripe, I'll try to let it go now.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Now Open!

We are currently stocking our store with beautiful new items! Like this amazing button attached to a gorgeous tote made by Loral...

Perhaps you're in the market for a sweet Easter apron...then this Hens and Chicks one is for you!

Of course you can't ever go wrong with mushrooms and hedgehogs!

We also have clothespin holders, journals, heirloom dresses and soap (coming soon)!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Magical 5

Boy was I shocked to hear, "It's a boy!", five years ago. I believe my first words were, "Are you sure?!?" Mac had a sweet round face and a full head of black hair. We named him after Ken's dad, Malcolm, who was battling leukemia. He was perfect...then he flashed me his dimple...yep, he was even more perfect! Little did we know as we stared in awe at our beautiful little man that we would have a very rough first year with him.

Poor Jedi cried nearly every waking moment the first year. It wasn't just fussing cry...he was in terrible pain. Repeated trips to the Pediatrician brought us, "he's just fussy, he's just a needy baby and it's only gas." We finally found a Dr. who took us seriously. His pain was relieved. He began to smile and melt hearts with his big blues.

He's my middle child and my "sensitive" one. He's a Star Wars junkie, a lover of babies, a quiet trouble seeker, a little Scotsman, a hand holder, a thumb sucker, a protector of ladies, a door opener for "the ladies", a star wisher, a mamma's shadow and my son.

May you always find your wishing star. I love you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ken's grandfather passed away on the 12th. We are so thankful Grandpa Goodfellow's wife and children were able to be with him. We are also thankful we had a delightful afternoon with him and Grandma Goodfellow in October. He made over the kids in his rumbly deep voice and tried to convince them he had 6 middle names. He was a strong man...surviving multiple heart attacks and numerous strokes throughout his 84 years. He and Mrs. Goodfellow married young, 18 and 16. He left shortly after to serve on a naval ship in WWII. He returned and made a busy life with Irene and their 4 children. He loved his wife, country, children and God. We'll miss you Rusty.

Thrifty Goodness

Cindy hosted this awesome Virtual Thrift party. Be sure to check out everybody's thrifty treasures. I'm posting late due to a funeral but I did find a spare hour to hit our local thrifts and pick up a few goodies...

1. a pack of doll clothes patterns .75

2. some mini cross stitch packs for dd9 to learn on $2.50

3. some bits of crafting items and a little hoop for dd9's above project $1.00

4. an awesome pair of heeled bowling shoes that fit dd9 perfectly. I'll have to make her up a funky bowling shirt to wear with them :-) $1.50

5. patterns in Baby's size. .10 each

6. and the best find...a present for my sister Loral. A Kodak duaflex to take ttv pictures! shhh...don't tell's a surprise. Hopefully she won't read this until I can give it to her in an hour. I dismantled it and gave it a sprucing up. This was my biggest splurge at $3.00

oh yes, I also got that sweet red/white dot fabric for .50

total spent $9.75

Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 o'clock battle

I believe we need to reinstate naps for Baby. Come 5 everyday the house gets extra quiet and I go looking for Baby. Sometimes I find Sleeping Beauty...

other times Super Girl is overcome by Kryptonite...

sometimes she falls asleep listening for approaching horses...

On occassion she has made it to the table for supper but she can't fight the tryptophan in her milk.

Yep, back to napping for Baby!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Opening Soon

Loral and I are embarking on a joint adventure. A place to get all your vintage charms like handmade soap, aprons, totes, a sprinkling of Kawaii, modest children's attire and vintage patterns. I'll post a link when we're up and running.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Because, gosh darnit'... (ver2)

...she's special and I love her!

My sister has taken up a new hobby, soapmaking. I thought she could use a more industrial apron so she wouldn't have to worry about lye ruining her good ones. I made it in my favorite style with a full pocket (hand embroidered soap) and out of a twill type fabric.

Her soaps are absolutely fabulous... I wish you had smellivison. The Ginger Citrus is my favorite. Not pictured is a shampoo bar that is totally amazing. I don't have to use conditioner, it brings out the natural wave in my hair and makes it feel twice as thick.

although, I'm beginning to wonder if she has an agenda...I seem to be getting a ton of soap. Do I offend??? oh, I forgot, your smellivision isn't working!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Eat your vegetables!

Finely shredded carrots and chopped fresh spinach are well hidden in spaghetti sauce. Fools 'em every time! I have a bunch of starch loving kids. They simply don't enjoy eating vegetables. Many a time Jedi, 4, has been brought to tears simply for having to eat a whole green bean. Rules are must take two bites of everything on your plate before being excused. I know, I am a mean mama. ;-)

I, on the other hand, am allowed to indulge in one of these whether I eat my veggies or not! A delicious Chambord milkshake with fresh raspberries. Yummy! Tonight, I might have a Chambord Martini. Oh, I know, a Chambord Margarita since we're having huevos rancheros. Yes, better to stay with a theme.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

because, gosh darnit, I'm worth it!

The kitchen's a mess and I'm fresh out of clean aprons! So instead of doing laundry I just sew up a...
new apron for me! I love this fabric, so bright and warm looking.

made up in my favorite apron pattern...drafted by my sis from a vintage apron. It is so comfortable with this style back. I prefer this because there isn't a neckband biting into the back of my neck.

Some polka dotted ribbon and vintage ric rac to make it extra special because, gosh darnit, I'm special and I love me ;-) Now I don't have an excuse for not cleaning the kitchen. Well, I do need some towels to match my fresh new apron. That should keep me out of the kitchen for a few hours!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ringing in 2008

D9 helps Baby "tie one on" so they can help me in the kitchen for our New Years Eve party. We were so lucky to have my sister Loral, her dh Todd and their rascals over to ring in the new year with us. I made chicken cordon bleu, curried broccoli/cauliflower, baked potatoes, several appetizers and for dessert...lemon meringue pie and sour cream chocolate torte. Loral brought some delicious chicken wrap apps and yummy cheese fondue.

Baby's try new things, starting with shrimp...

is that a stray leg???


maybe in 2009 she'll give it another try!

10 minutes before the countdown and she's just couldn't hang on any longer.

The kids had fun with the streamers and party horns (thanks Mom.)

The grown ups played a rousing game of trivial pursuit. Men vs. Women.

While Loral and I got off to a great start quickly earning several pies...

The guys thunk real hard and whooped our butts! Dangit! That's okay because I can post embarrassing photos on my blog like this...

That's Ken with a giant egg stuck on his noggin! My favorite photo of Ken. It took us awhile to get that off. Makes you think perhaps the guys won because Todd is the smart one. ;-)