Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sleeping Babes

We've had a bout with some kind of virus this weekend. Poor D2 had a 104 temp. She must've been feeling very poorly to be this close to her brother. Even in their sleep they usually don't like to be touching each other. We're recovering now and I am feeling motivated to get some much needed sewing projects done. First on the list is this embroidered piece I'm going to make into a girls jumper...

Then I need to get a couple of swaps sent out. I received my first swap package today and it was like Christmas. It was a lovely box stuffed full of mini's from a sweet woman named Roberta...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thrift Treasures

An afternoon of thrifting paid off...a bunch of loot for $10. Not pictured but included in my total was a traveling cake tin...fab

Buttericks The Art of Dressmaking has wonderful flapper girl graphics. Plus some great tips on the building of a long coat.

This 1957 project book is simply delightful with it's crepe paper costumes and happy graphics.

I was giggling when I found this vintage apron. Washed it up and gave it a good stains, holes or raveling! I'd say it's from the 40's or 50's. It's going to my oldest daughter after I trace it off to make more aprons. It's just a tad too small across the bust for me. I also prefer my aprons longer. I can see D8 and myself baking a pie in our new aprons.

Isn't that just a great back to an apron. LOVE the button

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beautiful Bluebird

My mom sent me this photo she took in her back yard...isn't he a beauty??? Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mail Day!

4 wonderful new patterns in the mail today. Yippee! I started the top right one in this fabulous Euro imported fabric.

Craft Fair ~ D8's funny face friends. D8 had her own little product to sell at the craft show. Finger puppets with a sucker inside. She sold 5 at .50 a piece. We're going to try a different display for the next show. Hopefully it'll get her more business. She's such a hard little worker. She sewed up 16 of those puppets. Unfortunately on the way to the craft show I had to slam on my brakes to avoid an accident and..."shlosh" my coffee spilled on about half of her puppets. Poor kid. She was a trooper though and ate most of the "coffeed" ones. :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Ranch

Today was our favorite day of the week...riding lesson day. A relaxing and lovely hour and a half spent on The Ranch. D8 rode a spunky new pony named Sassy. She really has some giddy-up. Sassy doesn't like to walk...she wants to run. D8 giggles practically the whole time she's taking her lesson.

The girls give Sassy a good rub down after her workout. My niece was
able to come with us today. I think she may have caught horse fever...sorry sis :-)

Niece and D2 check out the draft horses. There are 3...Faith, Love and Hope. Big beautiful ladies who haul trees for a living.

One of the reasons I love to wear skirts/dresse is to feel the tug of a little, looking down to see this beautiful face.

Boxing Bug

I found this mantis type bug arguing with himself on my car window this evening. D2 liked watching him "box" his reflection.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's Cookin'

McCall's had a cookbook, who knew? I was lucky enough to snag this fab 1963 first printing of their first ever cookbook for $3! It has some really neato recipes...i.e. snow pudding. It's also sprinkled with delightful sentences like this
The crowning touch to any meal, the most important course of all, according to man and boy, is the dessert.


T is for Tarts, easily the smartest hostess notion of the season.

I adapted one of the stir fry recipes to include some extra veggies and teriyaki flavorings. It was a big hit at supper. I plan on trying some old fashioned desserts next...starting with the snow pudding.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Should I stop or not? I pondered as I passed a local thrift store. Sure, why not? Lookie what I found for a buck. Oh the possibilities...dots or stripes, perhaps silk gingham. Now I'm on the lookout for the matching girls pattern for my little. How cute matching mommy/daughter dresses.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How completely awesome is the back of this stand up collar???

This was a trial run of the bottom vintage pattern on the previous blog entry. From the box pleated bodice, gathered shoulder and kimono sleeves this pattern receives an A+. The details are hard to see in my poor photos but I will take better ones when I make the pattern up in the fabrics below....yummy! A friend, Jess of Jogee Designs has made me some awesome hairsticks to which I'm so excited to wear this summer.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm doing this awesome contest where you sew with a plan...I have 3 pieces finished for my storyboard. 1 vest(jacket)...

one dress...

and one blouse...

my next project is this awesome pattern...

This is my storyboard but I've made some changes in the fabrics so I need to update it. The patterns will stay the same but I don't have quite enough of the vintage apples fabric to make the dress...very sad about that. It will make a great skirt though. :-)

I've been busy with this and also trying to get some stock done for our first craft show in two weeks. I'll post pics of my creations for that tonight.