Thursday, August 14, 2008

job change


I didn't realize being a driver for 3 children could be so tiring. We're already gone 3 nights a week and we're only in soccor and riding currently. We'll be adding hockey and dance in a few weeks. That's with Farmgirl and Jedi in 2 events each and Baby in 1. I think next season we'll be limiting it to one activity each.

We received our Konos Obedience unit book yesterday. Konos looks like it's going to be really fun for the kids. We've been doing a little school throughout the summer so hopefully it won't be too hard to get back into full swing.

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Julie said...

I put a moratorium on driving the last few weeks. I just didn't want to go anywhere. We are now back into the swing of things with back-to-school preparations. Then the driving -- and more activities -- begins.