Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Call me crazy

but we couldn't resist surprising Farmgirl with her early Christmas present... a 15.3 hand Bay QH. She's very pretty and super sweet. She's very calm and has a beautiful extended trot. We're still working on horse names...Apple, Fern, Molly, Blossom....are in the running. I liked Petal but Farmgirl vetoed that one. Feel free to leave name ideas in the comments for Farmgirl to consider.


Natalie said...

Well, it's not like you were going to find a stocking big enough for this! I wish I could see her in person... I wouldn't want to offer names without really getting to know her!
Congratulations Farmgirl... looks like a friend for life!

Strozeski kids said...

I like the idea of the name bunny after all farm girl is a bit like laura ingalls and that was the name of her horse she traded for the stove for her momma for christmas :)

kboyer3 said...

Ohhhh my kids are soooo jealous! Matthew just asked if he could have a pony for Christmas. I told him he'd have to ask his aunt Mimi, and told him maybe Farmgirl would take him for a little ride next time we visit! We say you should name her "Sweet Brownie Sundae" Give kisses to the kiddos. :)

kboyer3 said...

Oh, and I almost forgot....CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!