Saturday, April 04, 2009


My nephew, baby D tries to eat his own hand. num, num, num. I love that frantic newborn
search for sustenance. Coco, Derrick and baby D came over for an early dinner yesterday and I got a few shots of D. He's filling out into a plumb little cutie pie. Ken was very disappointed he couldn't be here for the visit. We're all meeting at my mom's for dinner on Sunday. Ken has given me strict instructions to warn everybody that he's going to be a baby hog and keep Baby D to himself. I don't know what's gotten into the man, he is smitten with this baby.
Ken and baby D a week or so ago...Ken held him all through dinner so Coco and Derrick could get a hot meal. I don't think Ken minded in the least.

*this is also my 147 th post, post 150 will be a giveaway!*

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kboyer3 said...

Okay so I am checking your blog frantically waiting for the magical contest post, but then I remembered you are likely downstate. Without me! Boo...hoo....hoo....

Love to you and yours...