Saturday, January 09, 2010


I've lost my sewing, blogging, crafting, knitting, photo mojo. A few months ago while hosting a sewing weekend by hands swelled up and hurt like the dickens. Within a few days, nearly all my joints started to hurt. I was exhausted beyond anything I'd ever felt. Saw the doc, sent me to another doc...turns out it's Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thankfully, I have a forward thinking Rheumatologist that is willing to treat aggressively which is the best way to prevent permanent joint damage. Unfortunately, it looks like I already have damage in my right hand from just 3 months of inflammation. I start some heavy duty drugs next week to get this in remission. I'm optimistic drug treatment will work.

To keep crafty I've started the 365 project. A photo a day for the whole year. My flickr set HERE

My favorite photo so far... a what's on my desk today

my funniest photo...

Jedi signed his "artwork" on the basement floor...not very swift buddy boy!


Natalie said...

A tagger never leaves his name and address... lol.
Missy. Your news is so upsetting. I see you are thinking positively and I am glad you have confidence in your doctor... all good things, but this news is new to me and I am kind of stuck on how bad it sucks. I often think of you and wonder what you are up to. We finally had to retire Maria's Christmas dress, but I cannot part with it. My apron is still like my hero cape... with super powers. My point is: the world needs you to reclaim your mojo! I will pray for you, and I am sending hugs and sympathy.

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Anonymous said...

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Natalie said...

How's it going?
I think of you often.

Natalie said...

I left a message here a week or so ago.
Came by to check on you.

So, here I am again. Still wondering how you are doing. I think this must be a hard time, considering your last post. I am sorry.