Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Pinkies Out"

is the new slogan for the most daring adventurers, I believe.

Jedi and Cardman had a fabulous time "adventuring" like Indie at the Ranch last Weds. They found an old bit of twine and they were set for 2 hours.

Best pals.

My children are very cautious about EVERYTHING. Their every action is deliberate and s-l-o-w. Their infant nicknames reflected this...Jedi was formerly Turtle and Baby was Slugbaby. This timidness is something I don't understand. I was always ready to try something daring, move fast and never, ever give up as a child. While I'm glad they're cautious before crossing a street or making sure their belts are buckled I want to scream, "RUN!", when they are faced with an open field of grass or "JUMP" when they reach the end of the dock. So, I can't tell you how proud I was when I turned around and caught this shot of Jedi jumping off of a 5 foot embankment.

Farmgirl also surprised me a couple weeks ago when she was nearly bucked off a very upset horse. She was back up there the next week and worked extremely hard at her technique...a great improvement and a much needed boost to her confidence.


Natalie said...

Lovely observations of children at play, moving at their own pace.

kboyer3 said...

Ah yes...lovely children, lovely observations. I love the little pinkies. Boys are looking forward to some rootin' tootin' adventure at your house. Looks like Jedi is getting prepared. I would never be able to get any of my children to be still long enough to make any observations! Usually too busy counting them to make sure I haven't lost any. (Wanna trade???)

Love to all...