Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tea Time

My sweet little cousin is getting married in August. We are so very excited for her. Last weekend her bridal shower was held at a local bed and breakfast. We had such a wonderful time. It was a formal tea, which meant dresses and hats! Above are my mom and girls. That black thing Baby is clutching...her beloved Datty (kitty). It goes EVERYWHERE with her. Below is my niece, Tumbles. She is wearing a gorgeous dress made by my sis from vintage voile. She looks so darling.

and here is the bride to be...Kristin. Loved her hat and retro shoes!

My Aunt Bonnie did a fabulous job on the shower. Here she is taking tea orders for tea and punch. Baby adores her Great Aunt Bonnie.


Strozeski kids said...

That is so cute and i really really dig the dress Tumbles has on I hear you are going to be in town an d i look forward to a few good drinks, laughs and all that good stuff.

kboyer3 said...

Waiting for dog pictures...missed you at girl's night out! Love to all....