Friday, July 25, 2008


My lifelong friend, Jennifer (she's the blond), recently took a trip to China and Japan. Lucky duck. I'm a lucky duck in that I benefited from her trip in the form of delicious fabric. Isn't she the bestest?!? Just look at my loot...

A ton of fat quarters and some Kawaii buttons...

Yards of adorable fabric plus 4 yards of the cherry print destined to be a skirt and handbag for me! It's a gorgeous twill.

and this adorable Hello Kitty crochet purse kit. Baby loves it and keeps saying, "you gonna make it for me, right??? huh, right? RIGHT?"

I purchased these Japanese pattern books about a month ago in the hopes of making Baby some new outfits. Now that I have the perfect fabric I'm going to get planning and stitching. I'll keep you posted on what I make.

Now, I'm off to get ready for the Boyer clan to arrive. Krista, one of my bff's, is bringing her 5 for the weekend. Just a lazy weekend to chat, laugh and have a few margaritas.


YayaOrchid said...

Missy, that is some loot alright!! Beautiful fabric selection! You sure hit the jackpot.

Just so you know, I think I saved the addys you sent me to sellers of Japanese fabric. I'm going to have to order some. Do you know if buying the books in Japan is less expensive than buying them online (not counting shipping)? My SIL travels to Japan about once a year due to work, and now I'm thinking perhaps I should send her on a little shopping trip :)

kboyer3 said...

Thanks for the lovely weekend Miss! Just what I needed...although not many believe it could be relaxing to hang out with 8 children running about. Girls haven't taken off their dresses yet, except to take a bath, and then it was right back on with the dirty dress! Love to all...hope Jedi's game was a blast!