Thursday, September 10, 2009

a place for Grandma

I have mentioned my mother-in-law, Nancy, in past posts. She was officially diagnosed with Frontal Variant Alzheimer's at the age of 63 about a year ago. She exhibited symptoms for several years before her sons could get her doctor to acknowledge something was going on. She's been living in a facility near her home town for the last year. Unfortunately, the care wasn't all we had hoped for so last month we moved her closer to us.

She seems to be settling in okay and the kids are loving getting to visit Grandma a couple times a week. Ken visits her M,W,F for lunch, the kids and I visit on Thursdays plus we go as a family on the weekends. The kids have been SO great about going with the flow. They happily answer the same question repeatedly for Nancy without showing frustration. They give her multiple hugs and kisses when she insists they haven't greeted her yet. They don't correct her or give her weird looks when she clearly has her information mixed up. They love her, it's that simple. I am beyond blessed with the kind hearts of my children.

above ~ Jedi sends Grandma back to START

below ~ Grandma and Farmgirl get a giggle at sending me back to Start


Natalie said...

She's so young... sorry. You are obviously focused on the good news, like getting her closer and of course your beautiful children and their sweet patience. I hope things continue to be as good as possible. She is blessed to have all of you... even if she forgets, you all have the love and grace to remember.

nonni ru said...

they get their tender hearts from their momma....