Thursday, September 06, 2007

Making Room

A couple weeks ago d8 had 2 teeth pulled to make ready for her new expander. Yesterday we went in to have her impressions made. It was super cool! It was just like Playdoh barbershop...with the stuff oozing through the tiny holes. My niece and I just giggled while it squished out. d8 was a total trooper of course. The dentist and hygienist just love my kids, especially d8. The girl doesn't even flinch while getting shots. "She's a toughy" as my Aunt Lynn would say.

3 weeks we go in for her dental appliance. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this will fix most of her dental woes and we won't need 6 years of braces. d8's first question was, "will I be able to take it out on Halloween for candy?!?" Rest assured, she will. :-)

We were blessed to have most of my family over on Monday for a BBQ. We had a wonderful visit. The menfolk sat outside and talked shop and us women enjoyed a nice chat in the living room. My little sister, Coco, and her boyfriend, Derrick, brought over his racing 4 wheeler. He was a total sweetheart and took all the kids for a spin. He's a very nice hardworking young man.

s4 and Derrick...s4 totally looks up to Derrick. It's so cute. s4 is always trying to impress him with how. And I think Derrick likes to impress s4 too.

Here are Colette, d2 and Derrick. They went SUPER slow. d2 doesn't look like she was having fun but as soon as she was off she wanted another go.

We finally had some rain...too late for our farmers but it was nice to have the fire level taken down a notch. Hopefully we'll be able to burn leaves this fall.

blessings to all!

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