Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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Oh, how I love mail! Check out these gorgeous prints I received this week. Most are from super fabulous Superbuzzy. They have such delightful fabrics. I finally splurged on some hedgehog terrycloth fabric. I think I'll make up a spring jacket for Baby using that. Most of the other fabrics I am going to use for holiday gifts. Little zakka items....tissue holders, make-up bags, change pouches and notebook covers.

I was blessed the other day with an opportunity to lead by example. D9 and I were out grocery shopping. I realized half way out of the store that the cashier had neglected to ring up our dog food. So, around we went to the service counter. It was a great opportunity to talk with D9 on the importance of honesty and following the law. I think leading by example is one of the most important tools a parent has in raising up a moral child.

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