Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fancy Farmgirl

Rag Rolled Farmgirl...we had to double the length of the strips and add about 10 more to fit all her hair!

She loved it. I have a hard time getting her to wear her hair down. She ALWAYS wants it in two braids. Now, she's always going to want it in curls. Baby woke up the day after her curly hair day crushed that her curls were crushed...she wanted me to "fix dem" right away.

Our favorite little orchard was open this weekend and they had Honey Crisps! Oh sweet juicy honey crisp apples, how I await your harvest every year. I bought a whole peck! I'm doling them out sparingly. I doubt they'll have any left come next weekend.

I also splurged and purchased the peeler, spiral slicer. The kids were entranced.

Of course, we couldn't leave the orchard without our pumpkins. I have one rule at the pumpkin patch... I will buy whatever you can carry out. Jedi couldn't quite get this one off the ground...but he sure did try!

Baby found herself the perfect "punkin."

I can always count on Farmgirl to get a hefty one. She even helped Jedi so he wouldn't have to get a puny pumpkin.

The meany mom that I am, I even make them haul it back to the shed to be weighed. Here, Farmgirl was saying, "But, it's uphill. Why are you laughing?"

I'm laughing because I love autumn, seeing my children laugh, hefty pumpkins and in anticipation of a whole peck of Honey Crisp delight. I'm also laughing because I don't have to haul the cart this year! ;-)


Natalie said...

Pumpkin fun!
More curls!
And we got the apple slicer-corer-peeler 11 years ago, and it still works excellently and it still delights the whole family... a worthwhile *investment!*

YayaOrchid said...

Missy, your babies are so cute! Farmgirl has amazing blue eyes! You're gonna have to shoo the boys away from this beauty.

Wish we had that variety of apples in my area. I'm sure they're really good. Also wish we had a pumpkin patch, but oh well. South Texas is too hot to grow them, I guess.