Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hall Pass

Wow, nearly a month later. Sheesh, I won't be getting any consistency awards ;-)

Exciting news around here. Loral and I will be teaching some sewing classes at a newly opened fabric store in town. We are thrilled about the store because the only other option for fabric is WalMart. I will be teaching a patchwork bib, t-shirt dress and decoupage denim class.

We're getting back into full swing of home school. We're using the Konos Obedience box. I really like the program. We are just supplementing phonics,spelling and math. Farmgirl is using Modern Curriculum Press for math and Spectrum(G4) for spelling and phonics. Jedi and I are working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Engelmann, Haddox and Bruner. Jedi was elated when he read his first word - me. Baby is just along for the ride. I give her a mini reading from Jedi's book.

Off to finish school.


Natalie said...

Been thinking of you. Nice to see all is well. Busy and well.

Strozeski kids said...

Very cool that you guys got a new store and can teach there. Glad to hear home school is going well as well. I am not a fan of the public schools and or teachers at them. Somewhere in all of them there are a few good people however I think mom's know there children best and can teach them more and sounds like you found some great tools.
Isabella loves Pre-k and is a bundle of fun. Henry is well we think he was a polar bear in a prior life. He is so big, fun and a true blessing.
Cheers to the family and good luck with the fabric store teaching too!

kboyer3 said...

Hmmmm...who is this Strozeski kids lady, and what's her beef with public school teachers??? (Tee hee) Glad to see a post...now if only there were some pictures to go with it! I really hope to see you soon. When is your shirt dress class? Maybe I'll need to take a personal business day....
:) The boys are itching for a road trip! Love to all!!!