Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Because, gosh darnit'... (ver2)

...she's special and I love her!

My sister has taken up a new hobby, soapmaking. I thought she could use a more industrial apron so she wouldn't have to worry about lye ruining her good ones. I made it in my favorite style with a full pocket (hand embroidered soap) and out of a twill type fabric.

Her soaps are absolutely fabulous... I wish you had smellivison. The Ginger Citrus is my favorite. Not pictured is a shampoo bar that is totally amazing. I don't have to use conditioner, it brings out the natural wave in my hair and makes it feel twice as thick.

although, I'm beginning to wonder if she has an agenda...I seem to be getting a ton of soap. Do I offend??? oh, I forgot, your smellivision isn't working!


kboyer3 said...

I will be expecting a sewing apron and soap upon my arrival on the 18th. Did I mention I am coming to visit you on the 18th?? Ha ha just kidding about the expecting stuff part, but I am looking forward to a cup of coffee and girl chat!!! I have secured permission from the warden to come for a visit! Looking for cheap port a cribs to bring with me. I will have to bring the monsters...I mean the girls. Maybe you can teach me to sew my own aprons!!! Love ya and see you soon!!!!!!!! Krista

Kiva, Southerngirlmusings said...

Very cute apron and those soaps do look great...does she have a link for you to share? Also, you are too funny about the smellivision. :)

Loral said...

My apron is fab!!! It's waiting with my soap supplies for the next soaping know what this means? Proper attire = more soap! Mwahahahaha

thanks sis!

Julie said...

Yummmy! And your sister will look great making more soap.

msjes71 said...

You're such a nice sister :) The apron is awesome!! Loral's soap looks wonderful too, the presentation is so pretty. I'd also love to know if she is going to be listing them for sale anywhere???