Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ken's grandfather passed away on the 12th. We are so thankful Grandpa Goodfellow's wife and children were able to be with him. We are also thankful we had a delightful afternoon with him and Grandma Goodfellow in October. He made over the kids in his rumbly deep voice and tried to convince them he had 6 middle names. He was a strong man...surviving multiple heart attacks and numerous strokes throughout his 84 years. He and Mrs. Goodfellow married young, 18 and 16. He left shortly after to serve on a naval ship in WWII. He returned and made a busy life with Irene and their 4 children. He loved his wife, country, children and God. We'll miss you Rusty.


Sarah is Ok said...

So sorry for you family's loss. This is a lovely post about him though. I love the detail about his trying to convince your kids he had six middle names--it seems to say a lot about him and is very sweet.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry, Missy.