Monday, January 07, 2008

Eat your vegetables!

Finely shredded carrots and chopped fresh spinach are well hidden in spaghetti sauce. Fools 'em every time! I have a bunch of starch loving kids. They simply don't enjoy eating vegetables. Many a time Jedi, 4, has been brought to tears simply for having to eat a whole green bean. Rules are must take two bites of everything on your plate before being excused. I know, I am a mean mama. ;-)

I, on the other hand, am allowed to indulge in one of these whether I eat my veggies or not! A delicious Chambord milkshake with fresh raspberries. Yummy! Tonight, I might have a Chambord Martini. Oh, I know, a Chambord Margarita since we're having huevos rancheros. Yes, better to stay with a theme.


Julie said...

My oldest rarely touches spaghetti sauce, since my ill-fated attempt at hiding veggies in it when he was 3. He eats all sorts of vegetables though.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement--and the devotions! You're too kind. Yeah, it's really exciting, but scary, so it's great to hear someone say, that's totally normal. I love the picture of your daughter eating the sauce after you've shown us what's in it. Ha! I think I'm going to try this next time.

Natalie said...

Carrots? Good one! I sneak shredded zucchini into everything! Chambord, I have not tried... hmmmm