Saturday, November 24, 2007

catch up

I hope everybody had a joyous holiday. We had a delicious feast at my mom's. Most of my family was able to be there which was so wonderful.

Yesterday was the "big" craft show and unfortunately it was a total bust. I actually lost $ after you factor in my fee. Argh! Frustrating. Sigh, those are the chances you take. I have about 20 girls holiday dresses I will be listing over on Etsy come Monday. I'll post a link when I get them listed.

We have a couple sickies here today....Ken and d9. Hopefully they'll recover quickly and the rest of us will escape the bug.

Tomorrow Baby will be pulling a name from the hat so if you haven't entered your name you still have time!


Natalie said...

Oh, we have sickies too... my big hope is that we are getting it out of the way before Christmas. Sorry to hear about the craft fair bust... better luck in the Etsy shop, and stay healthy!

kboyer3 said...

Those people at the craft show must be crazy not to buy all of your goodies! I have dibs on the snowman 2t set (unless of course you sell it before I get there!)
I'm just bringing the girls! :) See you soon...and love ya lots and lots and lots!!

Julie said...

Craft fairs can be so iffy. The only reason I did well at my last one was that I marked a whole rack of bags at 50% off.

All I can suggest is to keep blogging, get on Etsy and try to make a name for yourself locally. You making children's clothing, right? Any local boutiques?

Missy said...

thanks Julie...yep, I do mostly childrens clothes. We live in an extremely small community. Our only boutique childrens store just closed over the summer. I used to do pretty well on ebay but the fees are eating up alot of my profit. I think etsy may be a better least fee wise.

so sorry you have sickies too Natalie. fingers crossed that no new bugs come visiting you!

So excited to see you Krista! I'm getting the extra rooms ready for you :-) hugs!