Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mail's Here!!!

I think I've mentioned before how much I love Mail. Today was a fabulous mail day...clothes from Coldwater Creek and a swap package from the very generous and kind Kiva. She was my partner in a notions swap hosted by Julie over at Red Hen Studios. She and a group of crafty ladies just opened a new store, Collage. Definately worth checking out.

Look at my haul!

Magazines, fabric, button covers, vintage runner (which will work beautifully with some purple candles I have) cute blue button pin and look at all that lace (I'm thinking lace angels for the tree) and notions!

Look at this elastic band!!! How cool is that? I'm going to use it to trim out a terry cloth suit for Baby.

And look at these vintage bunny appliques...definately going to be used this spring.

A heartfelt thank you going out to Kiva for this wonderful package!

Tonight is our Secret Santa party for the ebay design group I belong to...theJills. I have my Margarita bucket ready...although it's a bit cold here today so maybe I'll change it up to Kahlua and hot cocoa. I can't wait to open my present. The kids are excited too...they've been having to look at that box for several days and the suspense is killing them.

Oh, I have nearly all my shopping done! Woo hoo woo hoo. :-) Thanks to a great Toy site Utoypia. They had the best prices I could find on Playmobil plus free shipping for orders over $98. I ordered at 11 p.m. and my package was sent the very next morning. I can't say enough about how pleased I was with their service. Now Target on the other hand, very unsatisfactory service and downright misleading "availability" status. Two items I ordered which were "available" to ship w/in 24 hrs now won't ship until Dec. 29th. Oh and no you can't cancel because we are "preparing to ship that." sheesh.

Tonight my friend Krista and 3 of her rascals are driving up from downstate. I hope the weather holds and the 5 hr drive isn't too rough. I'm really excited to just hang out with her and catch up.


southerngirlmusings said...

I am so glad that you like it and can put the items to use. I love my package too!!! I want to come hang out, the Secret Santa sounds fun. Take care!

Julie said...

What great goodies you got!

Thanks for the plug about Collage. I am so excited about it.

Did you get my email that I have money to spend and want some journals?

Natalie said...

What fun!
I will check-out Utoypia... thank you for the tip.
Your March girl looks adorable and snug.
OKay... I really need to hear that your sister is recovering nicely, 'cause I cannot get the sympathetic toe pain out of my head!