Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Ranch

Today was our favorite day of the week...riding lesson day. A relaxing and lovely hour and a half spent on The Ranch. D8 rode a spunky new pony named Sassy. She really has some giddy-up. Sassy doesn't like to walk...she wants to run. D8 giggles practically the whole time she's taking her lesson.

The girls give Sassy a good rub down after her workout. My niece was
able to come with us today. I think she may have caught horse fever...sorry sis :-)

Niece and D2 check out the draft horses. There are 3...Faith, Love and Hope. Big beautiful ladies who haul trees for a living.

One of the reasons I love to wear skirts/dresse is to feel the tug of a little, looking down to see this beautiful face.

Boxing Bug

I found this mantis type bug arguing with himself on my car window this evening. D2 liked watching him "box" his reflection.

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