Saturday, August 25, 2007

# 1 Threatdown!

Gotta love the Threatdown. We spent a fun afternoon up in Mackinaw City. Here the family poses outside of Jim Wehr's new outdoor store.
There was a corvette car show and a craft show too...double fun! Here are d8 and s4 posing next to their favorite car at the show. There were a few super nice ones there.
d8 and s4 pose in the veterans park. hmmm...seems like we're always climbing on cannons!

s4 was really hamming it up for the camera. He had to get his "pothse" just right. I think he succeeded.

Another great day for our gang. The leaves are changing already and the kids delight in pointing out any red leaves. Too soon they'll all be gone and we'll be enjoying really big snowflakes.

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