Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Hit!

No Bake Apple Berry Crisp was a big hit tonight. Dessert is a rare treat at our house. It's so fun to pull something out of the fridge after dinner and see their surprised faces... a little bonus for my day. Then the compliments..."you made this?" sweet husband inquires incredulously. This same sweet man, who I've been cooking for for 10 years, is also always surprised when there is hot food waiting for him after work. "what, for me?" as I hand him a plate of food. Shhh....don't tell but the crisp is only sliced apples, strawberries, lemon chiffon yogurt and crumbled graham crackers... I want them to be properly impressed each time I slave over a dessert ;-)

I've been wanting to make Ken a kilt for the longest time but have been daunted by the pleats and the cost of quality wool tartan. So, I decided to do a trial run on a little girls one first. All in all it wasn't too difficult. The pleats were very time consuming but turned out very nice. I love how they swing. It is a wrap around and very adjustable. I made it a little fun by adding a pink ruffle and a keyring holder which I'm going to hang a little drawstring pouch on. Below is a pic of the back. I'm going to make up a pink satin blouse and little cap sleeve jacket to go with.

Exercised yesturday...30minutes! Woo hoo for me. I even jogged. Abi decided to join me in the weight room while I was on the treadmill. She did lunges and jumped rope. She's going to be my exercise buddy. I did feel for her though as she was behind me while I was jogging. Luckily she hasn't lost her sight from her retina's being burned out by the horrible site of my jogging buns! Tomorrow is another workout day, which I'm surprisingly looking forward to. I always forget how much better it makes me feel.

Blessings to all!

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Julie said...

I just had to tell you that I may have to make a real kilt soon. My niece is playing bagpipes at a breast cancer awareness event and wants a pink kilt -- if we can find the fabric. Her mom and I are trying to convince her to wear my son's Lindsay tartan kilt and get a bright pink oxford to wear with it. LOL