Saturday, August 04, 2007

Loads of Photos...

It's been a busy photo are Ken, D2 and S4 playing our "new" piano...a very generous gift from my mom. Thanks Mom!

Ken spent most of the afternoon trying to make a dent in this 10 long cord of wood. We, I use "we" very loosely here, still need another 20 long cord before winter. There's D2 sporting a new nightgown made from a thrifted sheet.

Ds singing her heart was very hard for me to keep a straight face as she really got into singing, "baby, baaaaabyyyyy, baby, BABY!"

We've taken a couple of boat trips this last week at my mom's. Another one planned for tomorrow. We get to see so much wildlife and we all enjoy it tremendously. Here the girls swing their feet while we wait for daddy to bring up the boat from down the river.

Here's daddy!!!

Nonni (my mom) enjoys the open bow with D2.

We saw a group of 3 loons and also a beaver and several dams. Here is one of the loons. I didn't realize they could swim so well under water! They would dive down from nearly 50 yds away and then pop up in from of the boat and give us a start when they called in fright at our boat.

S4 learns to drive the boat. He was so proud of himself.

Our return up the river with this gorgeous sunset...thank you Father!

Wonderful memories to cherish!

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