Sunday, August 12, 2007

A winding drive with a visitor...

Ken's mother, Nancy, is visiting us for a week or two. We took a long scenic drive down many winding roads with names like...Tunnel of Trees and Devils Elbow. Along one side we kept seeing glimpses of vast Lake Michigan. While the drive was gorgeous the kids became a little restless after 2 hours so we stopped for ice cream and tag in the park...

Here's d8 in her flattering duro dress made with Heather Ross horse fabric...gorgeous!

Nancy and the kids pose for a quick pic.

After our drive and play in the park Nancy treated us to a delicious dinner out...I was able to enjoy a "grown up" drink and some yummy mango salso salmon. Thanks Nanc! Tomorrow we're all heading over to my mom's with our telescope to watch the Perseid meteor showers. We're all very excited.

I love pics of Daddy's holding their children's hands...this one is super sweet of Ken holding s4 and d2. d8 skips along in front...old enough to be trusted not to make a dash straight into a speeding car ;-) Sorry the pics are fuzzy...having digital issues.

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