Monday, August 06, 2007

Another ride...more pics

We spent the afternoon at my mom's. She and my dad cooked us a fantastic dinner of steak, pork kabobs, steamed broccoli and parsley potatoes. DELISH! Ken practically gets giggly when he finds out we're having supper at my mom is that good of a cook! We spoke of our exciting homeschooling plans and which language we are going to start with...German, Spanish, Italian??? Then we took another beautiful ride down Black River. We saw swans, a cormorant, geese, a crane and the loons. They were in the distance so we didn't get to hear them. We had enough time to travel around the lake today too. The kids loved going fast across the lake. They took a quick dip with Ken then we zipped back. D2 snuggled up with her Nonni and slept the whole trip back to the dock. I got to snuggle Dozer the dog and enjoy riding in the bow. All in all another blessed day.

S4 and d8 love the thrill of a fast ride!

Dozer, my sister's dog, goes for his first boat ride.

Ken walks on water!

Seagulls perch like little sentinels atop every buoy in the channel.

And we're blessed with another glorious sunset for our ride home.

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