Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pucker, Pucker, PUCKER!!!

Argh! It's 3 am and I just finished up a complex alteration on a wedding gown for a customer. She wanted an A-line dress turned into a straight dress. Well if you sew you know that's a bit tricky with grain line being off and all, not to mention the side seam PUCKER. Yes, I'm screaming pucker... god help me...I will not do alterations again. Please remind me of the pucker if I ever decide to take in work again.

But better news...WW weigh in was this morning. I am officially 5.2 lbs lighter this Weds. compared to last Wed. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. (Doing the Daphne dance from Scooby Doo) Wait, is that less jiggle in my badonkadonk??? Naw, but I am very upbeat and positive about getting healthy. I made my 3 workout goal for last week but will have to work out Th, Sa, M to make up for waking late this morning. Bought myself some new socks, always a treat. New socks and clean crisp sheets are two things that make me practically giggly with joy.

Well off to bed, off to bed. Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow's fitting goes well with the bride in her straight dress.

blessings all!

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kboyer3 said...

Loving you and your skinny badonkadonk!