Friday, August 03, 2007

Let the Wind blow in...

is what I should have said! Being a clothesline newbie I didn't realize wind is much better than sun. Now I get giddy when I hear the rustle of the treetops. We live in the woods and the rustle is nearly constant. Today was the perfect day to wash and hang the fabulous vintage sheets and fabric I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of weekends ago. They are destined to become new nighties for me and the girls. I only have a pillowcase of the fun butterflies so it'll be split between the girls nightgowns.

This sheet is all mine though :-) Isn't it beautiful? You can't tell in the picture but the bottom is eyelet and the print is a border one.

My new jammies are a reward for cleaning my sewing room. I'm about 1/2 way through my fabrics and this is how my closet looks so far. I LOVE fabric...sigh.

But.... this is what I still have to do...sort patterns. YUCK! I much prefer to sort fabric. But I just keep thinking about sewing some stuff for me as my reward.

One of my favorite things are acorns...look how cute that is with it's little hat!
Off to finish my fabric sorting and dig into my patterns. I'm hoping to be able to start our nighties by tomorrow morning. Wish me luck and I'll post pics when they're done.
oh, I need to post about our fabulous boatrides we've been taking on my mom's river...we even saw loons and a beaver! Pics to come of that too.

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Amy said...

I'm enjoying my clotheline too. It actually makes me want to do laundry (which is good as I do 3 loads a day!).

Love those vintage sheets!