Friday, December 14, 2007

Progress and advice needed...

I've made progress on the silk/velvet nightmare. I hand tacked the facing down and pressed it, which helped immensely. I have the skirt almost completely pieced. I had to
overlock each side of the panels because my serger is on the fritz. The skirt has 6 panels so that is eating up a bunch of my time.
Now to attach skirt, put in side zipper by hand (shudder) and hem it. Piece of cake...oh yeah, all by noon tomorrow. Plus I am going to pin curl my hair in back and roll the top so I can wear my hair like this in back with hair rolls like this in front. I love the 1940's style....sigh, I believe I was born in the wrong decade.
Okay, on to advice if you ladies don't mind. I am wanting to avoid flash see thru as there will be many pictures taken at the party tomorrow. I would like to avoid embarrassing my dh if at all possible. ;-) so the question is...would it be okay to wear a black slip and undergarments under the red or should I go with nude (coloring, not in the buff)?
I'm super excited about the party. Ken's work puts us up in a Very nice hotel so we don't have to drive home. The actually party is always very formal with gourmet food, live music and dancing. One year they had a mini orchestra and last year there were carollers in Victorian dress. Every year there is also horse drawn sleigh rides.
Off to fix dinner then back to sewing.

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Mary Cuellar said...

Oh Missy, I can sersously feel your pain! Its realy looking great though,and you are going to be a HIT at the party! Post some pics okay!!!! Have a Great weekend!