Friday, December 07, 2007

Why you shouldn't (ver 3)

get two stupid dogs. We originally had just one stupid (not really, i only include him to make the REAL stupid dog feel better) Sparky. He is a super mutt dog. We saved him from the pound and he has been a faithful companion ever since. He's old and sick now so I fear the day is near. I thought it was yesterday in fact. After shopping I opened the door to the house and there was Stupid #2, Charlie Brown (chocolate lab), knocking me over to go out. Sparky, always the gentledog, usually waits for me to come in and give him a "good dog" before running out. He wasn't there. I searched and throat getting tight with the thought that I might find him "gone." Now, I'm usually not one to get worked up over pets but Spark really is a good dog who's been here everytime we've brought a baby home, has happily gone on all 8 house moves over the last 12 years and lets children "love" him. I did find him locked in my sewing room a tad panicked. Afraid the fabric would topple and smother him, I'm sure.

Back to why you shouldn't get two stupid dogs...this above. These pictures were taken within seconds today with me standing in the same spot. Good boy Sparky is waiting patiently at the front door to be let in...dumb dumb Charlie Brown is barking his head off at the wrong door. Many many MANY times a day we have to go through this. I call and call him to get him to come to the right door. He just stands there, "duh. I can see you. let dumb dumb in." Being a total dog training slacker and downright lazy butt I sigh disgustedly and finally let him in the "wrong door." Who's dumb now???

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Loral said...

Hey, 'me want gumgum' has you trained pretty well ;) Good girl, who's a good girl??!!

Baby and I are getting ready to get a path cleared for the Xmas tree, having a great day here, cul8r