Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There's a party in my tummy...'s been a foodie week so far. I should actually say a cookie week. We've made chinese almond cookies (no pic, they were eaten too fast), crinkled molasses (surprisingly delicious) and tonight Jedi helped me whip up some orange spice cookies (my favorite so far.) I made a double batch of those so that means 11 dozen cookies. YIKES! I'm about half way through the baking and will finish up tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how much I love my sis' Loral??? She surprised me with a jolly pack of my favorite fabric, Micheal Miller Fairyfrost, from Fatquartershop. So sparkly and delicious! I quickly made up a cute little tree I found via Natalie's Chicken Blog. She's done up some super cute ones in felt.

I'm off to work on my dress for Ken's party on Saturday. I've been dreading sewing the silk. I don't think I'll have time to handfell the seams. I will probably just change out my serger thread to red. Wish me luck!


Pucca Belle said...

What a cute little helper you ahve there BTW! He is adorable! I hope that you have a great weekend!!!

Pucca Belle said...

Its early- don't seem to be typing very well yet..maybe I need another cup of Joe? LOL

Natalie said...

Aren't the trees fun? I thought I'd make a couple, but suddenly I want to see a forest. Maria keeps taking them to her corner, "Mine Christmas Tree Morning!"