Saturday, December 08, 2007


Nothing makes me feel more successful as a mom than when dinner is a big hit and I hear, "May I have more x,y and z please?" Tonight was one of those nights. Steak, baked potatoes, beans and salad w/ homemade croutons. I'm feeling especially glad the steak was a big hit because we just stocked our freezer with half a cow. mmmmm....delicious! Jedi kept smacking his lips and exclaiming, "this cow is gooooooood!" I love having kids growing up in the country. This summer while visiting the 4-H barn at the county fair the kids loved the pigs. Jedi, 4, kept remarking, "pigs make bacon right? I love bacon." little foodie!

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another success was this hat I knit up for Baby...I used my favorite yarn, colorspun and adapted a Debbie Bliss pattern. Baby likes it.

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My nephew, 8, stayed over last night. He and Jedi had a 24 hour Star Wars-a-thon. Lightsabers and yoda voices rang through the house, Jedi refused to be "on the dark side", my nephew was a good sport and crossed to the darkside to be Darth Maul. Thanks buddy! They ended their Star Wars-a-thon by spending the afternoon side by side taking turns playing Star Wars on Ken's PSP.

We're decorating the tree tonight. Ken's on his way out for eggnog and rum. YUM! We're putting up the fake tree this year. I can hear you all tsking and shaking your heads at my fake tree but I have a good excuse this time. My one year old niece is coming for the holidays and I don't want to be vacuuming every ten minutes so she doesn't poke her tootsies. Plus it's pre-lit which is kinda nice. Next year though, I promise to chop down our own tree while singing christmas carols and sipping hot cider. I'll even string popcorn and cranberries. Okay okay, we'll probably use the fake one next year too but I'm sure I'll have a good excuse.

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